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A broad offering to fit different needs


Enjoy your stay with a great yoga session. Doesn't matter if you are beginner or advanced. We can help with relaxation, meditation or more challenging classes. We have a broad offering of yoga sessions designed to meet your unique needs for individuals as well as for groups with a RYT500 licensed yoga teacher with more than 17 years of experience

Private yoga lessons for individuals

In the comfort and privacy of your home, or anywhere else where it suits you like an amazing class on Seven Mile Beach. Day and time according to your needs. Whether you are new to yoga, want to delve deeper, or focus on a specific goal, a private lesson is the ideal solution. I can only dedicate the time we spend together to you and we will enrich your yoga practice in a short period of time. An individual empathetic and professional approach is a matter of course.

Price from CI$ 80. 

Private yoga lessons for small or bigger groups

You can experience yoga privately with a small or large number of people, whether you are friends, colleagues or a family who plan to spend a pleasant time together. Perhaps you prefer regular private yoga session at your place maybe with some friends rather than a crowded studio and wasting time in trafficAre you planning a social or work event and are you looking for an original program? Yoga is one of the options. Price from CI$ 80.  

Corporate - Yoga in your office

Private yoga at least once a week for your employees exclusively at your company premises.

Stretching, releasing stiff back and stress, foucs on mental health, pranayma (breathing exercise), mindfullness and relaxation techniques. Price from CI$ 80.  

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